No dream is ever too big, No dreamer is ever too small.

What are Dreams?

Dreams are a visual imagination of things that we want. It defines the purpose of our life. Life without dreams is like playing a football match without the goalpost. Without dreams we will accept mediocrity and start believing that nothing better or more can happen for me. Dreams give us ownership, courage, commitment, posture, belief, energy, excitement and reasons to wake up in the morning to run. Dreams keep both the individual and the organization going. The dreams can be in the form of personal or professional success.


Questions on Dreams

We grow up listening the following quote from our loved ones – “ Stop Dreaming & Focus on studies” or “looks like you are watching too much of TV & hence you are becoming filmy” or “Need to check what kind of friends do you meet as you have lost it”. For example if your daughter comes and says – “She wants to participate in Miss India contest, what will be your reaction? The most likely reaction will be “stop dreaming and focus on your studies”. Therefore our conditioning from day one has been against dreams. We have been conditioned to believe that Dreams are for rich people.

 I am too old or too young for Dreams

 Age is only a number and is the lamest excuse one can make for not dreaming. Dream is as important to live as the air we breathe is. Stop looking at your year of birth and start living your dreams.

 Dreams is for rich/ successful people and not for me

 We tend to forget that rich or successful people also started from zero. In every family, there was someone who had a dream, had a vision, had a purpose and gave it all to make it happen. The difference between successful and not so successful people is Dreams. Identify your dreams, work towards it and change yours and your loved ones life.

Since you are stuck and don’t know how and where to start, you need to identify a coach who will help you in visualizing all that you always wanted in life.

The first step is to convert your dreams into goals by putting a timeline. Take help of your coach and write down the action plan that will help you achieve. Do self review every week and with your coach at least once a month.

Change can’t be brought overnight and goals take time to accept, act and achieve. The first 3 months we can have a monthly session. Post the initial sessions, depending on the progress, we can decide the frequency to review

There are multiple ways in which Lokesh can be engaged.

 Group session: An organization or a society or an institution or group of individuals can engage Lokesh for a 150 minutes session where in he will help you understand the power of dreams, visualize your dreams, make a vision board of your dreams and share with you the ways and means to achieve the same. The recommended maximum strength should not be more than 30.

Individual session: This will be one on one session over a period of time. The session will start from understanding you, your family, your current situations and leading to identify your dreams. Once you know your dreams, an action plan will be agreed upon and you will execute. First 3 months we will review it monthly and depending on the progress, we can decide the way forward after 3 months

Lokesh is a born dreamer. Coming from a humble background and basic education, he realized very early in life that he cannot lead a mediocre life and it is up to him to change the life of himself and his family. His dreams pushed him to get into unchartered areas of work and over a period of time he managed to convert many of his dreams into reality.  His passion resulted in he launching a mission to help others visualize and achieve dreams. In last couple of years, he has helped over 2000 people visualize and start their journey of dreams. He is someone who does not believe in preaching but will help you using his own life lessons as examples.