Lokesh is a Certified Life and Financial Coach. His experience of working over 25 years with credible names in Financial services industry, gives him an edge in his understanding of the situation and work on effective solution using the coaching route.

He has contributed regularly with his Simple, easy to understand articles in all the leading English newspapers and magazines. He was also the experts voice on business channels like CNBC, Bloomberg UTV and CNBC AAWAZ.

He is a Certified Financial Planner from FPSB, India and a Certified Life Coach from Erickson International Coaching. He is also an alumnus of IIM Kolkata. 

PEOPLE CONNECT: He is an absolute peoples person and has an amazing ability to connect with people across all levels. This ability of his helps him to dive deep for effective coaching.

What Lokesh can do for you?

Most of us spend the first 20+ years of our life completing our education. Post education we either find a job or join family business or start something on your own. Within few years, we get married and expand family and the day-to-day grind of life takes over. In trying to make a living, we give life a miss. We continue on the same path hoping this will lead you to success. Some of us do achieve but most of us don’t. As time progresses, we either give up or accept the mediocre life. Lokesh can help you find answers to what’s stopping you from all that you want in life.

What Lokesh can do for your Organization?

Like the way individuals evolve and go through transformations at every stage of life, so does organizations and their people. In any organization, people across levels go through various situations and at times feel stuck in a mindset, position, hierarchy etc. This consumes some of the best people in the organization as well. Many a times they find it difficult to open uo to their line managers or even HR as they feel they may not get a fair listening and will be the victim of pre judgment.  Lokesh can work with both individuals as well as teams, including senior management and leadership team. He will help to identify situations and stories embedded within the culture of the organization that might be causing people to behave in a certain way and draw a plan for a positive and effective change.

Group Coaching and Training: Lokesh is also a motivational and business speaker. His sessions have helped thousands to rediscover, identify their dreams and goals, work towards financial wellness and have a better quality of life both personally and professionally.