DREAM Exercise is one of the amazing exercise or activity I did in recent times organised by Lokesh. Today in the world of Professionalism and Fast life we have forget our DREAMS. When I was doing DREAM Exercise with my wife, we both become Kid. All unfulfilled, All Incomplete wishes started coming which never got accomplished and me and wife created a beautiful DREAM BOARD of our Family. We went home and included our Children's DREAM & PARENTS DREAM. It was an Amazing, Exciting, thrilling Exercise done by Lokesh. Thank God in the world where people are running away and forgetting their DREAM, someone is taking initiative and teaching to LIVE FOR DREAMS. I realised in the exercise LIFE WITHOUT DREAM IS LIVING LIFE WITHOUT OXYGEN. Keep the Good Work Going Lokesh and help as many people to realise their DREAM and give them Happiness & Joy and a real meaning of LIFE . BRAND AMBASSADOR OF DREAM - LOKESH 🙂 🙂 CHEERS !!!
Jitendra Bothra
Financial advisor, Networker and Entrepreneur
I was the one who had stopped believing that there is something called "DREAMS".I was so engrossed in performing my duties /responsibilities and the mundane routine activities that never stopped for a minute to even think what I wanted in life,what would make me happy. So frankly speaking I was not so excited about this so called DREAM EXERCISE. However I went for the session more as an obligation. (LOL) I was quite reluctant when the materials required for the activity was getting distributed. then they played a melodious heart touching music at the background, asked me to close my eyes and visualise my dreams. To my utter surprise I actually could do it.Tears were rolling down my cheeks when i realised deep inside I was still that child who had so many wishes/dreams to be fulfilled . That moment I realised that the only Difference between human beings and other living organisms is that WE CAN DREAM So Never Let go of your dreams. IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT "DARE TO DREAM"
Shashi Dugar
Business Woman and Entrepreneur
Dream Exercise is something which I really love to do, as it gives the real feeling of getting the Dreams fulfilled. While doing the Exercise, myself become a Kid and want all the things whatever I like, without bothering about anybody, just be in myself, Also I find many new Dreams. My dreams are also getting fulfilled only after doing the exercise and writing, Live in Dreams……. It will Be Fulfilled
Subhash Saraf
Senior professional for a large business group
Good morning Lokesh, had a very enlightening knowledgeable session. Wish that it had have been earlier about 7 to 10 yrs ago. Looking forward to further interactions. Thank you very much
Dr. Shard Karle
Dental Surgeon, Mumbai
The course was an absolute eye opener. How I wish I had attended this course in my earlier years, life would have been far more prosperous now! My "unpaid employee", my money would be working for me.
Dr. Ajit G. Shetty
Dental Surgeon, Mumbai
For me....if you do hard work, money will come...but never used to believe that money can grow....after listening to Lokesh, now I believe yes...money grows. In his seminar Lokesh made it so simple that a layman like me started taking interest in economics. His lecture made a few of my thoughts so clear that I have started asking questions to people "why". Thanks for making it realistic that if you work hard and invest smart, no one can stop you becoming a Karodpati.
Dr. Rupali Karle
Dental Surgeon, Mumbai
It was a great session. Within a week, I booked two SIPs. Thanks for the motivation or else I would not have taken the step.
Nidhi Chandna
Manager, HR, Indigo Airlines
He uses the phrase “make your money work”. At the end of this workshop, I realized the depth of that phrase!! My eyes opened to the fact that there are special planners who can objectively evaluate and improve your financial health far beyond the commonly perceived “tax saving”! Imagine realizing that your existing earnings can give you the freedom to enjoy your life more than before, just with a bit of intelligent jugglery!! That’s the effect of this enjoyable workshop!
Dr. Mona Kakar
Cosmetic & Rehabilitative Dentist
Hello Lokesh, I must say that it was a pleasure listening your positive and realistic suggestion, direction and path finding approach to all our financial apprehensions, confusion and queries. Your real-life examples and your simple and subtle manner in which you approached to our financial illiteracy and provided informed suggestion and advice was worth applauding. It did impacted my realization and planning of my finances to such an extend that when i sat with my budget calculation and tried to find my status update on where my financial health stands. To my utter surprise i found that if i don't take any action now, it might be too late for me to get back to shape my future life comfortably I must thank you and congratulate you for en-lighting my financial knowledge and wisdom and I can confidently say that at this stage, I am more informed about what my goals are, where do I need to reach, and how do I need to plan to reach my financial goals. Once again wish you a wonderful journey enlightening others life as well and make them more financial literate then ever before 🙂
Rajiv Dave
Business Development Manager